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Crankset for E-bike

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*The picture is an example picture.

Model: F20 Crankset

F20 Crankset
F20 Pro Crankset
F20 Max Crankset
F20 X-Max Crankset
F100 Crankset
20F054 Crankset
F26 Pro Crankset
F28 Pro Crankset
FF20 Polar Crankset
F20 Light Crankset
Hailong One Crankset
F28 MT Crankset
F20 Master Crankset
F26 CarbonM/X Crankset
F1-28C Crankset
F1-38C Crankset

*The picture is an example picture, actual product will be delivered according to the product model you choose.

Package Included

1 x chainring
2 x crank

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Shipping time: 20 Working Days from China
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