Klarna - Buy Now, Pay Later

Installment Payment Klarna is online in our online Store. 

These installment payment methods are currently supported:

  1. Pay now: Direct debit, bank transfer, debit and credit cards are supported.
  2. Pay later: Consumers can pay within 30 days of the merchant's shipment without additional fees or interest (except for late or missed payment fees).
  3. Financing (Up to 36 months): Depending on the market, consumers can choose to pay in different installments and Klarna will charge interest.
  4. Pay in 3/4: Klarna offers 3 or 4 interest-free installments, with the first installment deducted when the consumer places the order and subsequent installments charged to the card. 

These  countries are currently supported :


Germany-Netherland-Finland-Austria-Belgium-Italy-France-Spain-Denmark-Sweden-United Kingdom-Poland-Czech Republic-Greece-Switzerland-Portugal-Norway-Ireland

  • Germany - Pay Later - Financing
  • Netherlands - Pay Later - Pay in 3/4
  • Austria - Pay Later - Financing
  • Finland - Pay Later- Financing
  • Italy- Pay Now - Pay Later- Pay in 3/4
  • Belgium - Pay Later
  • France - Pay Later - Pay in 3/4
  • Denmark- Pay Later
  • Sweden- Pay Later - Financing
  • Spain - Pay Later - Pay in 3/4 
  • United Kindom - Pay Now- Pay Later - Financing - Pay in 3
  • Poland - Pay Now - Pay Later
  • Czech Republic - Pay Now - Pay in 3
  • Greece - Pay Now - Pay in 3
  • Switzerland - Pay Later
  • Portugal - Pay in 3/4
  • Norway - Pay Later - Financing
  • Ireland - Pay Now - Pay in 3

How to use Klarna Installment Payment

Step 1.

Add item(s) to your cart and head to the checkout.

Step 2.

Select Klarna to pay for your purchase.


 klarna installment payment

Step 3.

After clicking the "Continue to payment" option, the page will redirect to Klarna's installment payment page.
klarna installment payment


NOTICE: Different countries support varying types of installment payment. The above is merely an example of the installment payment page in Germany. Please choose the payment method according to your region.

If there is any other question or help needed, please contact: support@fafreesebike.com