How long will it take for delivery? 
Do I need to pay customs duties?
Is it possible to provide an invoice?
How do I pay for my orders?
How to track my order?
Can I amend and cancel my order?
How will I know if my order is confirmed?
How can I check if it can be shipped to my city?


Are the e-bikes waterproof?
Can a child sit in the back seat?
Does Fafrees sell accessories or replacement parts?
Do you have any bike assembly video?
Do e-bikes have taillights?
What should I do if there is a problem after the product has been used for a period of time?
Why does my bike headlight still not work after I long-press the plus button?
Where can I find my e-bike's serial number?
How to turn on and off the headlights?
How to enable assist mode?


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Do you accept business cooperation?

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