Environmental Advocate - Fafrees Announces The Launch of New E-bike

As an E-bike expert, Fafrees always advocate low carbon and environmental protection, making the environment better with its actions.

As Christmas approaches, Fafrees has launched another new E-bike - F20 Max. Purchase F20 Max during the campaign you can enjoy a discount of 130 € and receive customized gifts. Exclusive discounts are also available for other E-Bike purchases.

F20 Max belongs to the Fafrees F20 series. This series belongs to both City E-bikes and Fat Tire E-bikes, suitable for daily commuting and outdoor adventures. Fat tires are a feature of the F20 series, whether on urban roads or other complex roads, these can improve riding comfort and stability.

Fafrees new E-bike

F20 Max is equipped with a 500W brushless motor and a 18Ah battery with a range of up to 85KM on a single charge. The tires are upgraded from 3.0 to 4.0 for better friction. The maximum weight of the bike can reach 150KG, and the front and rear shock absorbers can also be adjusted for comfort according to the road conditions and the rider's weight.


Fafrees F20 Series Other E-bike


F20 is equipped with a 250W brushless motor and a 16Ah battery. The 3.0 fat tires can adapt to various riding scenarios, and the maximum speed can reach 25km/h. It has three riding modes and supports 7-speed gearing.

F20 Pro

The frame of F20 Pro adopts the latest chameleon paint, which can show different shades under sunlight, causing a color revolution among similar bikes on the market! It utilize the most cutting-edge 21700 automotive grade lithium battery, increase the battery capacity to 18ah in limited space, providing a longer range and safe experience.

All F20 models have a foldable frame and a step-through design that makes it easy for women to ride. Riding Fafrees E-bikes not only reduces carbon emissions, but also has a fitness effect. The pedal assist function also allows riders with physical disabilities to ride more confidently and freely.


The Farther, the Freer. This is the brand philosophy of Fafrees. Fafrees has always adhered to this philosophy and produced E-bikes with high standards. In the future, Fafrees will uphold the brand concept and provide better products to more European consumers.

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