Buy Ebike Get Free Gears - Ride Into 2023 with Fafrees!

A good-quality Ebike can bring convenience to your life, and a full range of Ebike gears can enhance your riding experience. 2023 has arrived, and Fafrees has prepared different types of Ebike gears for different models. Starting from January 1st, you can get one free gear when you order Fafrees Ebike (secondhand Ebike included), and buy some models can get two!

Here is the details:

Buy F20 series or 20F054 can get a chain lock.
Buy F26 Pro can get a frame bag and two wheel lights.
Buy F7 or FF91 can get a chain lock and taillight.
Buy Hailong One or F1 can get a frame bag and two wheel lights.
Buy F100 or KRE27.5 can get a frame bag and a taillight.
Buy secondhand Ebike can get a  chain lock and  two wheel lights.


All things are carefully selected and matched with different bikes by the Fafrees team.

The frame bag can store your personal belongings; the chain lock is simpler and safer than the traditional key lock; the 360° rotatable tail light ensures a safe night riding, and it can last for 4 hours on a single charge; the color-changing wheel light can make your bike Stand out from the crowd.

Base on the existing Ebike gears, Fafrees will provide you with more types of gears in 2023, so that you can ride Fafrees Ebike more safely and enjoyably.

Let’s ride into 2023 with Fafrees!

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